Trail’N Loue 2020

The Trail’N Loue 2020 is cancelled !

Following the speech of the President of the Republic on the new measures to prevent the rapid progression of COVID-19, the Trail N Loue organisation met this morning, Friday 13 March, for a crisis meeting.
After consultation, we regret to announce the cancellation of the 2020 edition.

In front of an exceptional context :
– Our University will be closed from Monday, March 16.
– A prefectoral decree will soon be issued on the prohibition of gatherings of a reduced number of people,
there is only one choice.
Everyone’s health remains the only priority!

Reimbursement method :
We refund the amount of your registration (we re-credit your credit card), minus 1€/registered for the 10km, 18km, and 32km and 2€/registered on the UTTL to come and participate in the costs already incurred for the organization of our event.
10km : 9€.
18km : 18€.
32km : 29€.
UTTL : 126€.
Meals and bivouac will be fully refunded.
The repayment period will take some time (one to two weeks).

We would like to thank :
– All of our partners, faithful to our side to enhance the high valley of the Loue and the magnificent village of Mouthier-Haute-Pierre,
– And you, runners, for your registrations, thank you for your trust!