Rules of Trail N’Loue



The STAPS third degrees option Management of sport and the association “Junior Conseil” organize for the 6th edition the Trail’N Loue in Mouthier-Haute-Pierre the 20th and 21st of April 2019.

Admissions conditions

The race is open for everybody, men and women:

  • More than 18 years old for the “trail des sources” (18km)
  • More than 20 years old for the “trail du moine” (32km)
  • More than 20 years old for he “UTTL” (un tour en terre de loue)

You can have a license in a club or not

According to the law (L.213-3 French Sport Code) licensed runner must provide a copy of their license ongoing.

Other license from of French federation of Triathlon are accepted.

Unlicensed runners need to provide a copy of a medical certificate which attest that you can practice track and field or competitive running dating less than one year at the day of the event.

Other certificates won’t be accepted


The inscription will be closing once every race reach their full number of participants

Maximum amount:

UTTL: 100 team

Trails des sources: 500 runners

Trail du Moine: 300 runners

Tarifs :

Prices/Races Trail des Sources Trail du Moine UTTL 45 +32 en DUO
Before the 12/04/2019 21 29 130
After the 12/04/2019 24 32 140

Inscription fees include :

  • Race participation
  • Ranking
  • A “souvenir” of the Trail’ n Loue
  • Food supply and beverages
  • A meal after the 32Km races and 2 meal for the UTTL ( cost : 10€)
  • Warm Shower

Price of one supplementary meal : 10€

Parcours : 

Un Tour en Terre de Loue : 

It is a DUO race , divided in TWO stages with a total amount of 71 KM and 4000M positive elevation

Stage 1 :

Saturday the 20th of April 2019 : 45km/ 3100M positive elevation

4 food and beverages supply stand

  • La visitation – km 7 (food and beverages)
  • Grande Millet – km 12 ( food and beverages)
  • Chateauvieux-Les-Fosse – km 22 ( food and beverages)
  • Echevannes – km 26 (beverages only)
  • Les Suchaux – km 32 ( food and beverages)

Start at 8:00AM in front the Courbet Museum in Ornans.

Limit arrival time : 5:30 PM

Stage 2 :

Sunday the 21st of April 2019 : 32km/ 1700M Positive elevation

4 food and beverages supply stand

  • Hautepierre – km 4 (food and beverages)
  • Source de la Loue – km 12 (food and beverages)
  • Grande Carré en eau – km 21 (food and beverages)
  • Longeville – km 26 (food and beverages)

Start at 9AM at the starting village in Mouthier-Haute-Pierre

Time Barrier at Syracu: 12:20 PM

Limit arrival time: 3PM

Trail des Sources: Saturday the 20th 

18km / 800M positive elevation

2 food and beverages supply stand: Haute-pierre (km- 4), Source de la Loue (Km- 12)

Pick-up your bibs on Saturday from 1PM to 2:30PM

Starts at: 2:30PM

Limit arrival time: 6:30PM

Trail du Moine: Sunday the 22nd

32km/ 1700M positive elevation

4 food and beverages supply stand: Haute-pierre (km- 4), Source de la Loue (Km- 12), Moine en eau (Km – 21,5) and Longeville (km- 26)

Pick-up your bibs on Sunday from 7:30AM to 8:40AM

Starts at: 9AM

Time Barrier at Syratu

Limit arrival time: 3PM



Identity Control will be executed during the race. Your Bib needs to be fully visible with your full Name on it. The challengers need to be in the departure area 15 minutes before to be aware of the last rules of each race.

The UTTL runners both need to stick together.


Obligatory Equipment :

  • Water reserve 1L
  • Personal ecocup
  • Food stock
  • Phone charges with race control centered number

Recommended Equipment

  • Survival blanket
  • K-way / Windbreaker

Walking Stick are authorized and dogs are forbidden (UTTL and 32km)


PICK UP YOUR BIB (Where and When)

  • UTTL : Saturday the 20th of April 2019 / 7-9AM in front of the Courbet Museum in Ornans
  • Trail des Sources : Saturday the 20th of April 2019 / 1:30-3PM
  • Trail du Moine : Sunday the 21st of April 2019 / 7:15 AM

Ranking and Gifts

There will be NO money prices, but only gifts and regional products giveaway

Will be rewarded :

  • The 3 first men and women in Scratch
  • The first man and woman for the category : Junior (except 32km), Espoir, Senior,M1,M2,M3 (w/o cumul)

Special UTTL : The first 3 winning team (men, women and mixed). Runners must be present, if not rewards will be kept by the organization.

Challenge Trail’n Love :

Run in couple on the UTTL! The first 3 couple team will be rewarded too!

Cancelling : Trail des sources, trail du Moines, UTTL

Note : There will be no refund except if you took the cancelling insurance.

If you have any further questions just mail us at

Prices of the cancelling insurance:

Trail des sources : 3€

Trail du Moine : 4€

UTTL : 12€ (each team)

Only the cost of the inscription can be refund (plus bank fees) . Other fees like transport, or meal will not be refund.


Abandon, Penalty, disqualification

Except in major case, abandon is only possible at a checkpoint. If this checkpoint is not accessible by cars or by the emergency team, the runner will have to go to the closest checkpoint. Participants must prevent the organization and must be authorized to leave the track.

Special UTTL :

The abandon of one of the team disqualifies the entire team. However, the other runner can keep on running but he will not be shown in the ranking but will still get the ITRA points.


Missing rules Penalty
Take a Non-marked road ( shortcut) 1 Hour penalty
Disrespect of the silence zone

Savage crossing through river (forbidden because of protected animals)

Absence of obligatory equipment 1hour penalty for each items
Refuse of equipment check Disqualification
Throwing garbage 1 Hour penalty
Disrespect of the other participants, organization member 1 hour penalty
Non-assistance toward endangered person Disqualification
Missing a Checkpoint Disqualification
Refuse to cooperate and listen to the rules Disqualification
Refuse a drug test Disqualification
Missing the time barrier Disqualification
Disrespect of the zone “overtake forbidden” Disqualification
Only one of both teammates at a checkpoint 1st time : 1h penalty

2nd time : 2h00

3rd time : Disqualification

Illicit assist (camelback switches, any towing system) 1st time : 1h penalty

2nd time : 2h penalty

3trd time : Disqualification

IN ANY OF THIS CASE, the organization will not refund the inscription

The trail inscription includes the acceptation of all of our actions and engagements toward a sustainable development.



Personal assistance is only tolerated on checkpoints. Excepted in the tolerance zone it is forbidden to be accompanied or to be supplied. Because of equity it is forbidden to switch in between an empty and a full camelback.

On the UTTL, help inbetween the teammates is possible but no towing system is authorized. (harness, sling, rope…)


Insurance and responsibility

Civil responsibility: the organizer subscribed for whole period of the event to a civil responsibility insurance at the SMACL, it grants the limited responsibilities of the organizer himself, his team, and participants.

Licensed runners are granted the insurance accorded by their license.  Each participant needs to possess an individual insurance in case of any incident. The organization decline all responsibilities in case of accident or other. The association won’t be responsible as soon as the bib is off a runner’s back after he abandoned, after being disqualified, on medical decision or on decision of the organizer.

Claim and Jury

Every claim will have to be handwritten and will be received 30mn after the display of the provisory results. Decisions can’t be called out.

Track modifications

In case of bad meteorological conditions, and for security reasons, the organization keep the right to shut down any races at any moment. The organization can also modify the tracks, time barriers and checkpoints.

Image right:

By participating at the Trail’n Loue the organization is given the right to take and exploit any sort of media content (photos,videos…) as promotional uses.

Data protection act and freedom of the users

According to the data protection act and freedom of the 6th of January 1978, each runner is given a right of access and modification of their personal data. The organization retains the right to communicate the personal data to their partners, except if the participant informs the organization of his refuse.

General Conditions

By subscribing to the event, the participant agrees with every specific rule of this previous one. The participation is under the entire responsibility of the participant with the waiver of any rights against the organization and their members in case of damage or ulterior sequels that could possibly occurs due to their participation at the event.

Each Participant must respect and evolve along the human and natural habitat

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